An Information Technology
Consulting Co-operative

We make the web work for workers. We believe in a better future for all, and strive to provide innovative solutions for forward-thinking orgs.

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Who are we, really?

We are a group of tech-minded individuals.

Seeing a need in our community for more robust digital solutions, we wanted to carve out space in the consulting world for a human-centric co-operative. We truly believe in the Solidarity Economy and its power to shape the future of our society for the better. Our hope is to provide an alternative to traditional consulting agencies for organizations looking to make an impact. Everything we do is part of our purpose to help all people gain the most power possible over their own lives.



Big or small, your projects are important to us. We specialize in building tools and websites that respect your vision and values. We also provide training and consultation to meet your goals.

We do more than code. From company to community, we empower others to build the change they want to see.

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Our Services

We provide custom software solutions for your specific business needs.
Whether that’s a website for your business, a new software product you’re developing, or custom internal solutions, we can help.


Communicating the right message to your customers, and the right Search Engine Optimization to deliver it to them.

Web Design

Our developers can bring your designs to life with modern fully interactive webpages and rich user experiences.

App Design

Sometimes your custom business problems don’t quite fit out of the box solutions. We can build you an app that works for you.

Start Up

We know that starting a business can be hard, we can help you find low-cost or free solutions for your growing needs.


From selling homemade items, online event tickets, business to business, or retail products, we can help you with an e-commerce solution that works.


Simple and affordable hosting services that grow as your needs do with support to match.

API Development

We can help get your data from A to B with an API that suits your product or service.

Mailing List

Whether you’re a large-scale operation or a budding small business, we can help you manage your growing list of contacts with mailing list development and support.

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We’d love to help get your next big idea off the ground.

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